Why does the Fall Guy have hidden abs and nipples?

Why does the Fall Guy have hidden abs and nipples?

Why does the Fall Man have hidden abs and nipples?

I hate to convey you this information, however beneath a Fall Man’s playful, gelatinous exterior, the very being that includes it’s deeply disturbing. It has hidden abs, nipples, a human cranium, and lengthy taffy-like optic nerves, amongst different horrific anatomical anomalies, in response to a tweet from the sport’s developer.

It will get worse, although. Fall Guys are six ft tall, taller than many human beings. its normal bone construction, it appears like a hybrid between human, dinosaur, and chicken. That mixture ought to render a fierce species of superior intelligence and agility, however… nicely.

I haven’t performed Fall Guys, and I intentionally took this one for the crew in order that my expensive colleagues wouldn’t must spend any extra time as we speak excited about this horrific data that I’m now cursed to have seen. Now, I’m left with unhealthy ideas, like “wherever it’s that every Fall Man falls to, there’s a big pit stuffed with these disturbing skeletons.” Take a look at what this picture has carried out!

Jokes apart, that is hilarious, and I truthfully hope that it’s an unlockable costume sooner or later, just like the Peely Bone costume in Fortnite.

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