Windows 11 Release Date in 2021: Windows 11 Release Date in India, Requirements, Windows 11 Features, Price | windows 11 download

Windows 11 Release Date in 2021: Windows 11 Release Date in India, Requirements, Windows 11 Features, Price | windows 11 download
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Windows 11 Release Date in 2021: Windows 11 Release Date in India, Requirements, Windows 11 Features, Price | windows 11 download

Windows 11 Release Date in 2021: Windows 11 Release Date in India, Requirements, Windows 11 Features, Price | windows 11 download

Windows 11 release date

Hello friends, if you want to know when windows11 will come, then we can tell you that Microsoft will never launch Windows 11 (Windows 11) now, what are the reasons behind it, due to which Windows 11 will never launch, then let us know that now only Will have to work only on Windows 10 (Windows 10).

windows-11-update in 2021

windows-11-update in 2021

Or, Microsoft can launch some more Windows in the future, as far as news is concerned; Microsoft has now announced that Microsoft Windows 10 will now be the last Windows of Microsoft company.

Now if Microsoft can ever launch Windows 11 because there can be some reasons related to security and privacy and hacking, then Microsoft can take some more steps.

Now you will be thinking that when Microsoft will not launch new windows (windows 11), then in this growing web of technology, will Windows 10 be right for the user like -Security, Hacking, Privacy, etc. So, we also know what steps Microsoft will take for this.

Why Won’t Microsoft Launch Windows 11? – Cause

Windows 11 Release Date – Most people must be wondering why Microsoft will not launch windows 11, do they not have a developer now or do they not have anything new to do now.

Everyone wants to know what are the reasons behind this, does Microsoft have no money? If such questions are coming into the minds of people, then we tell you the main reason for them.

First reason – Whenever a company launches a new service, for that, the company has to train its developers and provide easy-to-understand tutorials for their users. Because whenever a new Windows comes, initially no user knows about it and how to use it and what are its systems, then for all this, the company has to spend different money again and again.

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The second reason – the use of Windows is made to give any system correct, security and every user can understand quickly, but in this way, whenever a company prepares a new system, no more about it. In the corporate world, everyone uses Windows and all the workers will learn to run Windows again, and then how will they work? This is the biggest reason and in India still, old Windows are running. Because they are experts in running that windows XP, windows7, windows8 and they do not want to learn new operating systems again and again and this is a big reason that Microsoft will not give new users to their users again and again.

Windows 11 if not what will happen?

Windows 11 Release Date – Now you will be thinking that when windows 11 is not launched, now windows 10 will have to run forever, but we all know that the technology is increasing and the same with Microsoft’s steps for security and privacy of Windows. Know this.

Microsoft will now give you updates twice a year, which will be updated to avoid security and hacking, so now you will update Windows 10 twice a year.

Because Windows was launching so that the personal information of the users is not leaked and or not hacked, then now they will do all these tasks with the help of those updates.

Overall, if we understand that the features and updates used to be seen on the launch of windows will now be available in the updates coming twice a year, so if you use Windows 10, then you have to update your Windows twice a year.

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Microsoft will give you Windows update in September and March, then you can update your windows 10 at that time, so we hope that you have liked this article of ours, then you can share it with your friends. If you do not start the update manually, it will be downloaded via Windows Update and will be installed automatically. At some ‘random’ times which may not be convenient. The automatic Windows update option seems more prone to creating problems.

windows 11 download

windows 11 download

Windows 11 Release Date – It- Interesting to bring your Vista. Win 10 seems to be heading in the same direction with a huge number of Controversial Windows users. There are many unhappy camps. Windows 11, 12, 13, etc. will not exist with the launch of Windows 10 in 2015; Microsoft has taken Windows to a servicing model.

The premiere of Windows 11 this year? In the fall, we will be able to buy the latest Xbox Series X console, based on the Microsoft system. This is a great time to introduce the successor to Windows 10. The problem is that although Windows will be new, it’s not necessarily its name – do not fall for offers on the web.

Let us clarify one thing at the very beginning: Windows 10 was announced by Microsoft as the last representative of “windows” and its successor will not appear. The system will be constantly improved, and new products will appear in it 1-2 times a year. Another thing is that the quality of the changes introduced is quite debatable – see problems after the May 2020 update. So why can you find information about Windows 11, Windows 12, and even – really! – about Windows 20?

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Windows 11 – Proposals from Users

Windows 11 Release Date – The answer is simple – some users are fed up with what Microsoft is telling them and have their own ideas for Windows. One of them is a YouTube user with the nickname Hacker 34. He deals with the preparation of concepts presenting what the next incarnations of Windows could look like – and it must be admitted that many of his ideas would be willingly seen in their system. For example, the concept of Windows 11 is presented below – with the possibility of browsing folders in tabs, a more convenient Start menu, or other improvements.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 Release Date

And while we’re at this gentleman – he also showed an interesting concept of what Windows 7 could look like if it was on it that Microsoft stopped the release of subsequent versions of the system. In general, the concept is similar but maintained in the characteristic spirit of Windows 7 – which still has approx. 20% of the global market, which is an amazing result for such an old system. What could the non-stop development from the moment of publication look like? Maybe yes:

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Another content creator who plays around with the concepts of more Windows systems is Avdan. On his channel, you can find, among others a slightly different concept of Windows 11, see what Windows 10 would look like in the 90s of the twentieth century and Windows XP in the 2019 edition. Its concept of Windows 20, which combines the features of Windows 10 with elements borrowed from macOS, also looks interesting. Unfortunately, Aidan turned off the possibility of posting his clips on other websites (like ours), so I send interested parties to his channel.


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