Yo Yo Honey Singh Wife filed Case of domestic violence

Yo Yo Honey Singh Wife filed Case of domestic violence
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Yo Yo Honey Singh Wife filed Case of domestic violence

Yo Yo Honey Singh Wife filed Case of domestic violence

Chandigarh: The fans of Yo Yo Honey Singh, a famous singer in the country and the world, must have seen Honey Singh only as a better singer. No one will even have any idea that after touching the heights of success, Hirdesh Singh aka Yo Yo Honey Singh became a sinner from a husband. After becoming Yo Yo Honey Singh, the girl whom Hirdesh Singh loved since childhood and married her, how did he make that girl’s life hell.

wife told stigma story

The same girl has now filed a case against Honey Singh in the court under Domestic Violence. In her petition, Honey Singh’s wife has made her husband Hirdesh Singh alias Honey Singh, her mother-in-law Bhupinder Kaur, father-in-law Sarabjit Singh and her sister-in-law Sneh Singh a party. In her 120-page petition, the stigma story told by wife Shalini Talwar of husband Hirdesh Singh alias Honey Singh is astonishing.

Love happened in school itself

Shalini Talwar has told in her petition that when she used to study in school, Hirdesh Singh alias Honey Singh also studied in the same school. In 2001, Shalini and Honey Singh fell in love. In the year 2003/2004, Shalini did her graduation from Bachelor of Science, while in 2008 Honey Singh completed her Chartered Accountancy studies and started working in a Noida company.

Married after 10 years of love

In her petition given in the court, Shalini told that after ten years of love, on March 14, 2010, both of their families got engaged and on January 23, 2011, in the presence of family members, both of them got married in the Gurudwara of Sarojini Nagar. . Hirdesh Singh aka Honey Singh was in love with music from the very beginning. Shalini also always supported her because of her love for music.

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Honey Singh changed after fame

After which Honey Singh’s songs became very popular shortly after marriage and people started knowing him by the name of YO YO Honey. Due to his rap and songs, Honey Singh started singing in stage show films in the country and the world, due to which he started earning in crores. Honey Singh always gave his earnings to his parents. He did not give a single rupee from his earnings to his wife.

Left wife alone during honeymoon

Wife Shalini Talwar, in her petition, also told about the bitter experience of Honey Singh and their honeymoon that one of her acquaintances, Jeet Kalsi, had gifted Honey Singh and her a Mauritius honeymoon package. When both reached Mauritius, Shalini realized that Honey Singh’s behavior had changed, he had mostly kept quiet and calm. Seeing the changed behavior of Honey Singh, Shalini had asked Honey Singh about his changed behavior in the hotel that Honey Singh became furious. Pushing Shalini on the bed, she started shouting that ‘If no one has the courage to question Yo Yo Honey Singh, then you too should never question me.

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When Honey Singh beat up his wife

Honey Singh said, I am worried about marriage in the same way, I did not want to get married but I had promised you so I had to get married. Shalini was completely broken after hearing these words from the mouth of her ten year old love. After saying this, Honey Singh left the hotel room and did not return for the next ten to twelve hours. When he came back, Shalini asked him the reason for leaving him alone in the hotel room during the honeymoon, then Honey Singh brutally beat up Shalini. After which the relationship of both became very bad.

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