How Do You Get Technical Support From Night Owl?

Night Owl Security Products offers technical support in a number of ways, such as through a live chat on the company’s website, over the phone by calling a technical support hotline, and through email. NightOwlSP.com says that Night Owl Security Products also has pre-sales support for people who want to learn more about the company’s products or who want advice on which security system to buy.

NightOwlSP.com says that the tech support for Night Owl Security Products is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in both English and Spanish. As of 2015, you can call (866) 390-1303 and choose the second option to get technical help over the phone. You can also send Night Owl’s tech support an email from the website.

The steps below show how to use the Night Owl Security Products website to get technical support.

Visit the site.

Type NightOwlSP.com into the browser, and then press the Enter key.

Go to the page for “Contact Us.”

Click on the link to the Contact Us page in the main menu just above the banner on the home page.

Click the “chat” button.

Scroll to the bottom of the Contact Us page until you see the section called “Technical Support 24/7,” then click on the icon that says “Live Technical Support Chat.”

Talk to them.

Fill out the required fields in the pre-chat window, and then click the Start Chat button to start chatting with a technical support representative.

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