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How to play Timbersaw in patch 7.29c of Dota 2

How to play Timbersaw in patch 7.29c of Dota 2
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How to play Timbersaw in patch 7.29c of Dota 2

Timbersaw is a melee-energy hero in Dota 2 that excels in dealing bursts of pure anxiousness and inflicting destruction in spot of perform.

His effectiveness is extraordinarily looking on the presence of bushes throughout the encircling setting, as they will hold higher the anxiousness of his spells and permit him to interrupt out and scoot heroes with out issues.


Timbersaw is believed to be one of probably essentially the most picked off-lane heroes in pubs. Within the professional scene of Dota 2, the hero is a situational collect when the opponent crew has heroes with extreme bodily anxiousness output. The hero is a big risk at any stage of the game and has a dominating presence throughout the laning portion.

Beginning Gadgets for Timbersaw in Dota 2

Starting Items for Timbersaw in Dota 2 (Image via Valve - Dota 2)
Beginning Gadgets for Timbersaw in Dota 2 (Picture through Valve – Dota 2)

Together with the start gadgets confirmed above, Timbersaw moreover retains bringing mana regeneration gadgets as he tends to hold mana problems ensuing from his low cooldown spammable spells.

Tips on how to play Timbersaw?

Play development of Timbersaw

Timbersaw is an innately tanky hero ensuing from his third ability, the passive Reactive Armor, which grants him elevated correctly being regeneration and armor each time he’s hit with a bodily assault in a sport of Dota 2.

Timbersaw is generally carried out in off-lane, the put his first ability, Whirling Loss of life, can deal good portions of Pure Harm as correctly as hold the opponent lose some attributes briefly. Whirling Loss of life does further anxiousness per tree destroyed by it.

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After the laning stage, Timbersaw transforms proper right into a tank, the put in a teamfight, he can use his Chakram to late opponents and deal steady anxiousness.

With Timberchain, Timbersaw fires a series that https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/embeds itself in probably the key tree it hits, pulling him in opposition to it. Any enemy throughout the course takes anxiousness. If this ability is outdated correctly alongside with Whirling Loss of life, Timbersaw can deal good bursts of pure anxiousness in a sport of Dota 2.

Merchandise Growth


Arcane Boots is a obligatory collect on Timbersaw as he has steady Mana regeneration problems. Soul Ring is a extraordinarily appropriate merchandise on Timbersaw as he lacks mana regeneration and likes to hold extraordinarily extreme correctly being regeneration.

Early Hood of Defiance will hold Timbersaw critically further robust to shatter throughout the early sport. Together with maxed out Reactive Armor, Hood makes Timbersaw robust to shatter throughout the mid sport.

In a while throughout the sport, Timbersaw makes a Kaya proper right into a Bloodstone, which makes him tankier than favourite.

He moreover makes Lotus Orb for the crew, as correctly as a Pipe of Notion in opposition to lineups with Heavy Magical Harm.

Shiva’s Guard makes Timbersaw critically further tanky ensuing from the extreme armor it offers and is moreover purposeful for Timbersaw’s low mana regeneration.

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