What Is the Kellogg’s Benefits Center?

Employees of The Kellogg Company have access to a central hub of information regarding their benefits through the Kellogg’s Benefits Center. With the proper login credentials, employees can gain access. This is an internal-use only website, available only to authorised personnel.

myHR, Kellogg’s Human Resources Portal for active workers in the Americas, is another way to go to the Kellogg’s Benefits Center. The Kellogg Company’s staff members can access their benefits package through this one hub. Employees can download a PDF copy of the 2015 Kellogg Benefits Program, get in touch with the I.T. Service Desk, and look up useful phone numbers all in one convenient location. The Kellogg’s Benefits Center is where employees can go to learn more about their health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off (vacation, sick days, and holidays), performance-based bonuses and incentives, and competitive salary and hourly wages. When an employee has a kid, gets married, adopts a child, or loses a family member, this is where they can update their benefit elections during open enrollment or after the event. Kellogg’s Benefit Center is an all-inclusive website where current and former Kellogg workers may access information on their benefits packages, ranging from vacation days to retirement plans.

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